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Survey: US consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– American consumers are still optimistic about the economy, but they’re already reporting changes in their income, spending, and behavior.

Preparing for loyalty’s next frontier: Ecosystems

– As digital marketing expands consumers’ choices, companies are learning to drive customer loyalty—and growth—by... pooling data within an ecosystem of brands.

Modern marketing: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to do it

– To drive growth in the digital age, marketing needs to modernize a specific set of capabilities and mindsets.

Reviving the center aisle: An interview with Kellogg’s chief growth officer

– From Monica McGurk’s perspective, innovation is alive and well in packaged food—and Kellogg’s best days are... still ahead.

The end of shopping’s boundaries: Omnichannel personalization

– Personalization across physical and digital channels is the next big marketing opportunity. The secret is figuring out how they... best work together.

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Growth leadership

Growth is a new game, requiring new skills and a different brand of leadership. Interviews and insights explore how it's done.

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Special collection

Perspectives on Personalization @ Scale—Volume 2: The next frontier

– This collection on the future of personalization, which has become a core capability for marketers striving for efficiency and growth, explores the major topics that have the ability to make or break a company’s personalization efforts.



Survey: UK consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– British consumers are adjusting to the realities of the economy, spending less but consuming more digital media.

Patterns for value creation in apparel, fashion, and luxury

– Performance in the fashion and luxury industries has turned lower, but leading companies haven’t been deterred. Here’s how they... excel.

Digital platforms in chemicals: The game is on—will the winner take all?

– Direct commercial interfaces—or digital platforms—are increasingly preferred by B2B buyers. Chemical companies that... hope to win in this space must move fast.

The fashion industry in 2020: Ten top themes from The State of Fashion

– Amid uncertainty, brands, retailers, and other fashion-industry players must act strategically to capitalize on digital opportunities,... boost earnings, and address sustainability.

The five lessons B2B sales leaders should learn to make analytics work

– Data-driven growth comes from much more than just being good at data.

Reinventing the organization for faster growth

– MásMóvil has been able to accelerate its growth by fostering a culture focused on growth and killing off emails,... among other things.

Winning in automation requires a focus on humans

– While organizations are often tempted to use automation to eliminate work, looking at the customer experience for growth opportunities... can maximize returns on automation investments.

Accelerating revenue growth through tech-enabled commercial excellence

– Industrial companies are transforming revenue growth by using digital technologies and analytics to tap into next-generation commercial... levers.

The innovations behind China’s Singles Day shopping phenomenon

– Live video streaming and young consumers in smaller cities are powering growth of the world’s largest online shopping event.

What’s wrong with solutions selling—and how to put it right

– If you want to grow your business, improve your commercial capabilities.

Instilling a company-wide growth mind-set to achieve both short- and long-term growth

– Growth for Scout24 requires a “three-sided” view of the customer.
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