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Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services


Understanding the impact of unmet social needs on consumer health and healthcare

– Income, employment, education, food security, housing, transportation, safety, and social support are all factors that affect health and well-being.

Insights into the 2020 individual market—increased consumer choice and decreased premiums

– This analysis reflects carrier participation, pricing, and plan type trends for the 2020 individual exchange open enrollment period.... Findings are across 50 states and DC.

Insights on mental health from a 2019 McKinsey Consumer survey

– McKinsey conducted a national survey to understand the impact of unmet social needs on consumer health outcomes, utilization,... and preferences. Given the link between unmet social needs and lower socioeconomic status, respondents for this survey included adult Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries as well as low-income adults who were uninsured or who had purchased insurance through the individual market.

Seven Healthcare Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

– What issues will matter for the healthcare industry in the United States through the year and into the 2020s?

The Next Normal – The future of hospital care: A better patient experience

Around the world, populations are getting older, and their health needs are becoming more complex. At the same time, technological... advances are changing healthcare delivery. In this edition, The Next Normal explores how hospitals will innovate in the coming decade—and what it will mean for both patients and healthcare professionals.

McKinsey on Healthcare

Our latest insights into the world's largest industry.

Center for US Health System Reform

Our in-house source on health policies, the Center undertakes original research and develops tools to help navigate an ever-changing policy and healthcare landscape.

Special collection


McKinsey on Healthcare: Best of 2019

– Healthcare leaders face a variety of challenges, which include the changing healthcare needs of their communities and the evolving role of technology and automation. We’ve collected several articles that highlight opportunities for healthcare leaders to champion transformation of their organizations and the industry at large.

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How technology can improve the patient experience: A view from Tencent’s Alex Ng

– Alexander Ng, vice president of Tencent Healthcare, shares his vision for hospital care in 2030.

Hospital care in 2030

– In this video, three McKinsey partners describe how hospital visits and hospital stays might change in the next decade.

Providing care in nonhospital settings

– The CEO of a regional health network foresees more care being delivered outside the hospital—for example, in clinics and in patients’... homes.

Picking winning strategies to improve healthcare productivity: An interview with Dr. Jim Weinstein

– Dr. Jim Weinstein, the senior vice president for Microsoft Healthcare, discusses his perspectives on how to create a sustainable... health system and how technology can help healthcare stakeholders improve productivity.

How healthcare investing efforts can drive innovation: a conversation with Matt Holt, President, Private Equity, New Mountain Capital

– Collaboration, automation, and innovation may hold the keys to the future of healthcare investing. Matt Holt, managing director... and president of private equity at New Mountain Capital leads healthcare investing for the firm and shares his views.

How should provider-led health plans evolve?

– Although they are often pursued as an approach for vertical integration, their value is not always clearly demonstrated.

The exciting news in Medicare is happening at the kitchen table—not on the debate stage

– With so much attention focused on the debate over the merits of Medicare for All, it is easy to lose sight of changes in Medicare... Advantage.

Getting the right care to the right people at the right cost: An interview with Ron Walls

– At face value, the problem is simple: Getting the right care to the right people at the right cost—but anyone who has touched... or worked in the industry knows that it’s a lot more complicated. As part of our series looking at productivity, Dr. Ron Walls, COO at Brigham Health discusses the opportunities to improve healthcare productivity—and the steps that leaders could be taking today to improve healthcare delivery.

Insights into better integrated eligibility systems

– Implementing integrated eligibility systems can be fraught with challenges, making it difficult for states to claim success. However,... there are five observations they can use to ensure triumphant future execution.

The role of academic-based health systems: An interview with Catherine Jacobson and Thomas Zenty

– Catherine Jacobson, president and CEO of Froedtert Health, and Thomas Zenty, CEO of University Hospitals, explain how their academic... medical centers and academic-based health systems are finding their niche in the healthcare ecosystem. As these centers develop, how do changing consumer expectations and social determinants of health change their vision for the future?

Fit for the future: The common challenges facing healthcare systems—and how to meet them

– Across the developed world, health systems must adapt to aging populations, changing patient needs, and advances in technology... that could both reduce costs and revolutionize clinical care.
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